Unveiling the Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends: A Deep Dive into Stats & Facts

In the speedy world of technology, it’s key for companies to keep up with the innovative wares to make the best use of the cloud. As we move in the changing field of digital change, cloud tech gets better, giving companies around the globe new chances and hard tasks. With Vavesto Tech Solutions, a top cloud service in Dubai, let’s look at the five big cloud trends that will shape the field in 2024 and after.

More and More Choose Hybrid Cloud:

Surveys say, more companies use hybrid cloud setups, with a mix of public and private clouds for their varied work needs. Studies show more than 90% of firms use hybrid clouds because they can change easily, grow, and keep data safe. Firms want to move fast but still keep control, so hybrid clouds are a good mix of cost-saving and better running.

Quick Facts:

Gartner thinks by 2023, over 70% of firms will use multi or hybrid clouds.

Flexera says 93% of firms have multi-cloud plans and 87% use a hybrid approach.

Edge Computing Changes Data Work:

With more IoT things and lots of data at the edge, edge computing is big in the cloud world. It puts data work closer to where data is made, cutting delay, making fast choices possible, and using less data space. Many think edge use will go up a lot in places like making things, health, and smart towns.

Quick Facts:

IDC says the edge computing market will be $250 billion by 2024, growing at over 12% each year.

Gartner finds by 2025, 75% of data made by firms will be worked on outside of big data centres, using the edge.

AI in Clouds Drives New Things:

AI and cloud coming together is changing fields and making new things fast. Cloud firms put AI in their stuff, so companies can do boring jobs quickly, learn from data, and give people what they want. AI in clouds helps firms find new money and work better.

Quick Facts:

Deloitte finds 70% of firms are trying or using AI, and AI in the cloud is getting popular.

IDC thinks money spent on AI will be over $110 billion by 2024, a lot on AI in clouds.

Safety First When Moving to Cloud:

When firms move work and data to the cloud, they must make sure it’s safe and follows rules. With more online bad acts and laws, firms spend on cloud safety and rules. Cloud companies have to keep data safe with good coding, who can get in and out, and checking for threats.

Quick Facts:

McAfee says by 2023, 83% of work will be in the cloud, so cloud safety is big.

Gartner says by 2025, 99% of cloud safety bad things will be because of mistakes by the user.

Serverless Lets You Make Apps Easy:

Serverless or FaaS (Function as a Service) is changing how apps are made and grown in the cloud. It hides the hard tech stuff and only charges for what you use. This lets people who make apps just write code without worrying about the tech stuff underneath. This new way of making apps helps firms get stuff out fast, costs less, and can change quick and grow easy. 

Quick Facts:

MarketsandMarkets says serverless will be $21.1 billion by 2025, as people want cheap and able to grow app making.

Datadog finds yearly growth for serverless went up by 50%, with AWS Lambda used the most.

To end, the cloud computing world is changing fast with new tech and market moves. To make the best of cloud tech, working with a trusted cloud company in Dubai, like Vavesto Tech Solutions, is key. By using hybrid clouds, edge computing, AI services, focusing on safety, and using serverless, firms can change digitally and grow in the online world.

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